Writing Workshop Wednesdays: Flight by Johnny Jaworski


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It seemed like the best way out of paying back his dealer the two grand he owed them.

His compulsive using habit, plus his weakness for whores, got him into this predicament.


He did not have a job or any other way of making the money he so desperately owed

them. Sooner or later they would find him where he was hanging out. Time to flee, get

out of Dodge, so to speak. Because if they caught up to him they could be very rough,

even threaten his family.


“Lizzy,” he asked his older sister, “Can you buy me a bus ticket to Vancouver so I can

remove myself from this trouble I’ve got myself into? I’ll pay you back once I get on my

feet again.”


“Yes I can,” she said, “But more because I don’t want any gangsters coming near here

looking for you and causing grief for my family.


So began another way in which he alienated himself from his solid family.



Johnny participates in Megaphone's community writing workshop at the Gathering Place.

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