Writing Workshop Wednesdays: Weather Report, by Sheldon Agla

Airport Weather Map image by Bigstock.

Weather Report


5 Day Forecast 

Sun! Sun! Sun!

Wednesday’s Mardi Gras!

Thursday: Occasional sun, rain mix with people lying dead on the street.

Friday: Rain! Rain! Rain! 

Some predators lurking in doorways. 

Saturday: Thunder and Lightning! 

Heightened chance of vice and violence. 

Sunday: Sunny again with a few clouds moving in; look forward to Sunday flea market and only 

2 guys greasing each other over a bottle of rice wine. 

Long range forecast: The sky will fall! 

100% chance of looting: stores; houses; underground parking; neighbours ripping off 


Plenty of debt: people hiding out in shelter; food lines up and down the block; and mass Mardi 


Can’t wait until the next one. 

Damn it! Isn’t it a 5 weeker?


Sheldon Agla participates in Megaphone's creative writing workshop at Onsite.

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