Year of the Vendor: Megaphone vendors reflect on 2011 and the year ahead

By the third week of January, it's difficult to remember your New Years resolutions, let alone keep them. So to help remind and re-inspire you, Megaphone and Hope in Shadows vendors lay out their resolutions for 2012 as they work to get their lives back on track. Buying our magazine means offering our vendors not only financial support, but the basis for reaching their goals this year, whether that's kicking a drug habit or quitting smoking, to rejoining family members or focusing on social activism.


It's not just Megaphone making resolutions this issue, either. We look at Vancouver Coastal Health Authority's new program to supply crack users in the Downtown Eastside with clean crack pipe kits, which takes steps towards their goal to find out more about the users of this prominent drug. David Suzuki celebrates the federal government's resolution to create a national park in Toronto's east end, and writer Crawford Killian resolves never to forget the impact Chuck Davis had on the history of Vancouver, culminating in his posthumous new book The Chuck Davis History of Metropolitan Vancouver.


Despite Auld Lang Syne's instruction that "all acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind", Megaphone looks back on 2011 and our first public awareness campaign "I Work Here," this issue, with pride and thanks. You may have seen the ads on bus shelters, on TV screens, or caught the articles in the Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun, or 24 Hours, about how our magazine supports homeless and low-income vendors. But it wouldn't be possible without readers like you, and we'd like to thank all who supported our vendors in 2011 and look forward to 2012 with you.


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