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Consider making a donation to Megaphone so that we can continue to provide low-barrier economic and self-determined creative expression opportunities to vendors, writers, photographers and storytellers experiencing poverty and homelessness.

Your donation empowers vendors like Mark (pictured) experience connection, hope and opportunity in the midst of facing poverty. 

It was only a few short months ago that Megaphone vendor Mark mustered up the courage to put on his bright red Megaphone vest and return to his spot on Commercial Drive and Grant Street, after struggling through depression brought on by the pandemic. 

Unsure of how it would go, Mark drew from his over 10 years of experience selling Megaphone and put faith in himself to bring about the change he needed. 

It didn’t take long for the twinkle in Mark’s eyes to return as he did what he loved best: connecting with customers like you.

“Megaphone has been a bright light in the midst of a lot of darkness. The interactions with my customers have lifted my spirits and brought me hope again,” Mark told us.

Thanks to generous supporters like you, Mark was able to receive the support he needed to return to being an active Megaphone vendor—from earned products such as calendars and magazines, to vendor gear like jackets and hats, to opportunities to tell his story in the publications he sells. 

“Being part of Megaphone has allowed me to bloom into the person I am today and continue to grow into the one I am becoming,”  he said.

Mark wouldn’t be where he is today without supporters, customers and Megaphone champions like you! Your donation helps many Megaphone vendors. We are so thankful.

Your donation to Megaphone and Hope in Shadows means we can offer more opportunities to vendors like Mark, who are living with the challenges of poverty every day, including inadequate housing and the real threat of homelessness:

  • $50 pays the cost of one vendor and/or peer to attend a writing and photography workshop at Megaphone.
  • $100 pays two low-income writers for their contribution in Megaphone magazine, providing an income-generating opportunity.
  • $200 keeps a vendor warm and dry while they work, with a Megaphone toque, rain jacket and umbrella.


Please note: Your tax-deductible donation, made to Hope in Shadows Society. (Charitable   Registration #85165 5993 RR0001) through this page, supports the charitable work of the Hope in   Shadows charity.

Hope in Shadows is a charitable organization creating positive social change for people and communities   impacted by poverty and marginalization. Their projects empower, educate, and provide training to low-income   people in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and beyond. Hope in Shadows' flagship project is the annual Hope in  Shadows photography contest and calendar. Hope in Shadows also works with Megaphone Magazine to do this   charitable work.

Thank you for your support!

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